so um... what happened??? do you have another blog or are you gone for good? (please tell me you have another blog)

if you chant “i love keigo kurusu” into your mirror 3 times, i will appear

no but for real tho i made a post about a month ago saying i was moving blogs, and i did! i’m pretty active at my new blog and it’s got a tiny amount of followers (like around 60) which is nice after the 600 i had here since they’re mostly close friends i feel comfortable with and the like. but i guess i can do another last call since this isn’t the first message i’ve gotten about it… if you want my new blog, like this post and i’ll message you. if not or you were glad not to see me around your dash for a month then don’t i guess. i’m changing the email on this blog to a stupid one i never log into so i won’t see any more asks after this, this is truly your last call!!!!!!!!!!

bye, crawls back to new hole in internet